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This Policy Statement is issued in accordance with Health & Safety at Work etc. Act

It is the policy of NESCON INTERNATIONAL to:

  • Promote the occupational health and safety of all its employees.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work.

Policy Objectives

In pursuance of this policy the Company acknowledges its responsibility, so far as is reasonably practical, to minimize:

  1. The risk to health and safety of the Company employees, to hazards to which they are exposed whilst they are at work.
  2. The risks to the health and safety of persons not in the employment of the Company arising out of or in conjunction with the conduct by those persons or their undertaking.
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions taking into account any statutory requirements.
  • Ensure the design, manufacture and instructions to users of Company equipment and products result in safe operation and handling.
  • Provide such information, instruction and training as is necessary to enable employees at all levels to perform their work safely.
  • Maintain constant and continuing interest in health and safety matters applicable to the
  • Company's activities, in particular by consulting and involving employees of their representatives wherever possible.
  • Make available and supervise the use of all necessary safety devices and protective equipment.


NESCON INTERNATIONAL operates Health & Safety Management Procedures (HSMP’s) which are a fundamental part of the Company’s Integrated Management System and are used in conjunction with:

  • The requirements of relevant Health & Safety legislation
  • Integrated Management System Procedures
  • Suppliers Instructions and Data Sheets
  • Manufacturers Manuals etc.
  • Clients Health and Safety Policies, Procedures, Method Statements etc.

They are set to ensure the Company’s compliance with current Health & Safety legislation and subordinate regulation and codes of practice. They provide safe systems of work for NESCON’s employees.

The Health & Safety Management Procedures are supported by appropriate training, instruction and information, including signage, to minimize workplace risk as far as is reasonably practicable.

All employees are encouraged to contribute in developing these procedures in order to improve the health and safety of themselves, fellow employees, visitors and contractors.


NESCON INTERNATIONAL recognizes the importance of Environmental Protection and will comply with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act and all subordinate environmental legislation, relating to the Company’s processes and activities. It is a Company objective to ensure the co-operation with the maintenance of good relations with all regulatory authorities and bodies. The Company will endeavor to act as a responsible neighbor in all the communities in which it operates.

It will be the policy of the Company to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to meet, exceed or develop all necessary requirements to improve environmental performance. The policy will be enacted through integration into the Company’s normal management systems, giving it equal priority with all other aspects of the business management.

The aims will be to, wherever possible:

  • Assess the environmental effects of the Company’s activities and introduce appropriate control measures, or as appropriate, alternative materials or processes to minimize the negative impact on the environment from its operations
  • Control and reduce the amount of waste produced and wherever practicable recycle waste product
  • Reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and fuels.
  • To establish relationships with environmentally responsible suppliers/sub-contractors and demonstrate concern for the environment in all its purchasing activities.
  • Increase the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
  • Limit noise within and around the site

The Company will as necessary develop the environmental awareness and understanding of its employees. Where practicable, the Company will provide information and assistance to customers on environmental issues arising from its products and services.

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