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NESCON International provides full package for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of internal corrosion monitoring system for gas processing plants, refineries, fertilizers, gathering systems and transmission lines, in addition to perform, inhibitor efficiency test to optimize the inhibitor dosage rate. NESCON International provides soil resistivity survey, current drain test, preparation of feasibility reports, designing of sacrificial and/or impressed cathodic protection systems for metallic buried structures pipeline, storage tanks etc.

Based on long experience and good understanding of users overall interests, we can provide services and products to meet diverse requirements in the cathodic protection field. These services, products and techniques which the company has developed through long and intimate relationships with experienced & reliable business partner M/s Nixus International Corporation USA to provide complete range of services to carry out all types of Cathodic protection activities, works and projects, irrespective of their nature, size, complexity and location.

Corrosion Services:

  • Cathodic Protection Services
  • Corrosion Monitoring & Corrosion Control
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Project Services
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Consultation
  • Laboratory Services
  • Training

Inspection Services:

  • Tubular Inspection.
  • Non –Destructive Testing (UT, RT, ET, MT, PT)
  • Consultancy for pipeline Construction work.
  • Third Party Inspection/ Vendor Inspection
  • Welding Inspection


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